Target Ehr is the web portal for the employees for target. Using ehr Target employees can enjoy the benefits offered by Target corporation. Employees can manage the target schedule, check the pay and benefits, view my schedule, Manage dayoff's, Profile information and other team member services. Get started with the following guide to avail the benefits and features.
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Target Ehr Employee Portal Guide

To get access to the Target ehr, you need to follow below mentioned steps as follows:
  • Visit the Target Employee Login Portal Official webpage
  • After entering into the website, you're required to enter your Target LAN ID and password. 
  • You need to make a note that you can use your 8-digit team member number and e-HR password with the use of target ehr employee portal. 
  • Once you've successfully logged into your account through this portal, you can able to check out the information including my schedules, paystubs, financial benefits, Target employee pay, target mytime and much more. 

Target Corporation has many different login pages which may create problems for employees to log into the portal. You can find some of the important login pages below.

Target SSO is one of the leading retailer stores in the United States of America. Accordingly, it has many stores and chains in the different parts of the United States and the head-quarter is situated in Minnesota.

 The organization has a huge customer base because it offered low prices for its products. You can also find some other target retailer stores like super Target, Target Express, and Discount store Target. It has not only a huge customer base but also it employs more numbers of people to provide the better services to its customers. 

In order to mitigate the difficulty of managing the employee's base, it has come up with the ehr target portal which allows the employees to access the target payslips information, employee benefits, updated schedules, holiday calendar, etc.

Target Team Member Services

If you're working as an employee at Target organization, you can consider the portal as to enter into your account. In any case, if you're not getting access to the website with the login id and password, you can use different updated web browser or don't type www before URL link.

By following these guidelines, you may get access to the web portal with the registered login id and password. You can use similar login id and password as you use it for ehr and workbench. In case of if you don't have login information, you can consider your eight digit Target team member number as login id and your ehr as password. 

Target Team Member Secure - Target ehr Login

If you want to access various kinds of resources at Target w2, you can use secure connect website which usually used by the Target employees. In accordance with the Target security standards, the device which you want to use including PC, or Mac or Laptop must be set up based on the security standards. 

If you want to use this secure connect website, you need to fulfill some requirements. It provides remote access to the Target resources and supports Target laptops, PCs, and home PCs which are configured to meet the Target security standards. It supports full network access from Target laptops. Ehr target

Requirements for Target Laptops

Before accessing the SecureConnect, there are minimum requirements must be met:
  • Before you start using the SecureConnect, you're required to access it by searching for and filling out the details for remote access secure connect request in my access. You please take a note that read the special instructions if you've already a token. 
  • RSA SecureID token is a current non-expired token which will work with the SecureConnect. If you don't have a token, you will receive a request. 
  • The laptop should be equipped with the high-speed internet connection. 
  • It should be target built and updated laptop. 
  • Target supports the updated web browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. 

How to Login with a Hard Token using Target Laptops at Target ehr

Once you've received a confirmation email from my access and your RSA Token, you can connect your laptop with a high-speed internet connection in order to access the resources of Target through login account. You can verify your laptop's internet connection by opening the web browser like 

After that, you can navigate to the web site By entering into the website, you need to enter your credentials which consist of Windows user name, token code, and RSA Secure ID 4-digit pin. For example, if you want to use new token code or reset your PIN, you just enter the code and it will be prompted to create a new PIN. 

Target Pay and Benefits - Target eHr

ehr target allows the employees to get target pays and benefits which can give the complete overview of salaries and other relevant advantages. These are very attractive and reasonable for employees who are working at Target. In addition to these, Target salaries in the United States are more eminent jobs for cashier incharge, team leader, team member, senior team leader, merchandise team member, backroom associates, retail sales associates, warehouse loader, packer, sales manager, sales representative, sales associates, wireless sales consultant, guest service agent, call centre representative, customer service representative, etc.

 When it comes to Target ehr pay and benefits, the organization is committed to provide the affordable quality health care package to its team members' along with their families as well. According to the worked hours, length of service, and position of the job, you will get pay and benefits on behalf of Target ehr services. 

The common benefits at Target included health insurance, employee discount, dental insurance, 401k plan, life insurance, and vision insurance. It provides discounts and offerings for its employees which are easy to access and designed to inspire you and support your family as you work towards your success. There are various types of offers and discounts provided for you such as team member life resources, education, and different types of discounts. Under education, it has been provided GED reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, and student loan refinancing. 

In order to provide savings for you that may helpful for your health and financial well being, you can use different types of discounts such as savvy money, target credit union, my discounts website, wellness discount, fitness discounts, adoption reimbursement, commuter benefit, weight watchers, etc. 

Team Member Life Resources

It allows the team members to get free confidential counseling, support, and information through TMLR 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are five free counselling sessions available per issue and per year. It is also providing resources for a wide variety of topics that included managing the money, dealing with stress and developing a healthy dinner menu. 

Education - Target ehr Benefits

If you're eligible, Target will pay for tuition fee including for job related courses at an accredited technical school or college. Based on type of course, the annual maximum reimbursement amount is determined. 

Student Loan Refinancing

The student loans can potentially save money on total interest, simplify the monthly bill through consolidation, and shorten the long term. To offer great rates for student loan refinancing, it has partnered with the target credit union. Along with these, you can find numerous payment options to allow the team member to optimize the monthly payment, payoff speed, or lifetime cost. 


Through team member discount, you, your spouse or your domestic partner will get a 10 percent discount at all target stores across the nation. With the wellness discount, you can save 20 percent off on fresh and frozen fruits and veggies at Target stores by using target ehr. My discounts website allows to find special offers and amazing deals from different places as a team member. 

The discounts may available for computers, restaurants, cell phone plans, flowers, child care, vacations, and more. Including all these, you can also get offers and discounts from target credit union through which you can avail for many benefits and offers. You and your family members are eligible to join in the group. 

Target always helps you to earn your personal best score and have access to the best rates. All these benefits are eligible for team members only and don't take it as personally. There are many other portals including target ehr to get started. You're required to follow below steps to access the Target pay and benefits that included:
  • You can go to the website 
  • After that, you can confirm the identity. 
  • You can create your login details. 

Through this website, you can check out your target ehr paystubs. To access all required information, you have to register your account. For making registration, you need to fill the login credentials such as last four digits of your social security number, date of birth, and postal code. If you've logged into your account, you can view personal information which is already stored in the system. You need to create your login and password to enter into the account. Further, you can set up your account with the five security questions and answers. You should make sure that don't share these details on any other social networking accounts of yours.